4” and 6” wide 2-color Thermal Printers with ribbon safe

MICROPLEX announces the LOGIJET TC4 and LOGIJET TC6, 4” and 6”wide 2-color thermal transfer printers capable of printing 2-color labels simultaneously. Perfect for on demand variable data or batch label printing, the LOGIJET TC4 and LOGIJET TC6 thermal transfer printers can produce fully qualified GHS and BS5609 compliant 2-color chemical labels when matched with certified TT ribbons and labels.


“The TC4 and TC6 are product additions to enhance our commitment in the 2-color thermal transfer printer market to meet industry demand” states Mark Merhab, VP of sales for MICROPLEX Printware Corporation. MICROPLEX has partnered with industry leaders to provide a total solution approach to fulfill the need for 2-color printed output in not only the GHS chemical label market but also other markets that require 2-color output such as Manufacturing and Department of Transportation Safety Labels, Biomedical Specialty Labels and also improved food tracking for the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI).

“With the addition of the LOGIJET TC4 and TC6, MICROPLEX now provides a family of two-color thermal Printers that offer our customers the proper product fit for their required price-point, media type and monthly print production needs” continues Mr. Merhab.

MICROPLEX Printware Corporation is a Bedford, Ohio-based Printer Manufacturer and is a leader in developing niche-market printer products for mid-range production and industrial print applications. MICROPLEX’s products are available worldwide, through experienced, industry leading Channel Partners and are supported by MICROPLEX offices located in Germany and the USA.

LogiJet TC4-TC6 Press Release


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SOLID F40-featured image

The new flash fusing printer – SOLID F40

MICROPLEX announces a new entrant to our family of flash fusing, continuous-form, production Laser Printers.

The SOLID F40 is a valued addition to the full line of flash fusing, Laser Printers, offered by MICROPLEX. The F40 provides mid-range production, laser quality output, at a price-point similar to Line Printer pricing!

SOLID F40-front-left_1
Bedford, Ohio – April 4th, 2016:
MICROPLEX announces the launch of the newest member to the family of continuous form, flash-fusing, Laser Printers, the SOLID F40. The SOLID F40 offers all of the technology features of the current SOLID F60HD, including the powered forms stacker for no additional charge, at a price-point that will be a pleasant surprise to Customers that have wanted to justify laser-quality print production!

“The SOLID F40 provides a nice fit, for speed and price-point, into our full line of mid-range, continuous form, flash fusing, Laser Printer products” states Mark Merhab, Vice President for MICROPLEX. The F40 provides the Print Customer, versatile print production, for many types of Media, due to the lower fusing temperatures of the flash fusing technology. With the addition of the F40, many Customers that require laser quality printed output, but did not have the budget to move away from Line Printers, can now fulfill this need” continues Mr. Merhab.

MICROPLEX Printware Corporation is a Bedford, Ohio, based printer manufacturer and is a leader in continuous form laser printers for mid-range production applications. MICROPLEX’s products are available worldwide from very experienced channel partners, with MICROPLEX offices located in German and the USA.

SOLID F40 Press Release

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Labelexpo Americas 2016


MICROPLEX Printware Corporation will be exhibiting at LabelExpo 2016, in Booth # 136. They will be showing their full line of 2-color, Thermal Transfer Printers, that produce GHS compliant Chemical Drum Labels. Microplex showcased their TC8, full 8.5” wide, twin-engine, 2-color Thermal Transfer Printer at LabelExpo 2015. This year, Microplex will be announcing two new additions to their GHS compliant 2-color Thermal Transfer product line, the LogiJet TC4 and LogiJet TC6!

More information about LOGIJET TC8 here

Please visit MICROPLEX at Booth #136 for more information or contact them:

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Label Expo Americas 2016 – Floor Plan Hall A