M3000 / M3010

The M3000 Series bursters are robust and ideally suited for lower volume bursting needs.  Manual forms handling are a thing of the past for our customers.  Don't think that just because you have low monthly volume for your printer output, that is doesn't made sense to use automatic forms processing.

Form length can be set electronically or manually and our self-sharpening margin trimmers ensure clean trims every time.  Sensitive automatic paper jam control prevents run-away form damage.

Save time and money by choosing a burster from the M3000 series.

M3000/M3010 Specs PDF

M3000 & M3010 Features

  • Margin trimming + bursting + stacking in a single process
  • Fast quiet processing up to 5,5000 11" forms per hour
  • Self-sharpening margin trimmers
  • Tractor infeed for accurate trimming
  • Quick stop button with restart from memory
  • Paper tray and waste basket
  • Caster mounted for easy relocation

M3010 Additional Features

  • Sheet by sheet stacker for small form lengths
  • Automatic paper jam control of the stacker
Product Specifications M3000M3010
Max. form width 14 7/8 inches 14 7/8 inches
Min. form length 4 inches 4 inches
Max. form length 12 inches 12 inches
Max. form set 5 part 5 part
Max. paper weight 80 lb 80 lb
Paper transport dual tractors dual tractors
Margin trimming range 1/3 - 1 inch 1/3 - 1 inch
Stacking standard sheet by sheet
Electronic length settings sizes 0,4,5.5,6,8.5,11,12 inch 0,3,4,5.5,6,8.5,11,12 inch
Quick stop button yes yes
Automatic Jam Control yes yes
Clear jam button yes yes
Variable speed max. max 5500/hour max 5500/hour
Voltage 115V/60Hz 115V/60Hz
Power 200VA 210VA
Noise Level 69 db(A) 69 db(A)
Dimensions LWH 41x24x37 inches 41x24x37 inches
Weight 82 lb 95 lb
Additional Options
On-line printer connection yes yes
Additional Form lengths 3 more lengths 2 more lengths
Special 18" stacker yes yes
Center slitter yes yes
Further options on request yes yes
Phone:  877-997-6543  Fax: 440-374-2422
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