Continuous Form Laser Printer

“Variable Print Speed and Flash Fusion, makes the F166 VS the most versatile mid-range production, continuous form, Laser Printer available in the world today!”

“The SOLID F166VS, features both Flash Fusion and Variable Speed (VS) Print, for versatility of print on various types of media, at a PRICE that will SHOCK you!”

The F166VS Laser printer is the FIRST mid-range, continuous form, Laser Printer that offers Variable Speed print production, for increased versatility and efficiency in your print applications.

A great solution in batch, mid-range production, print applications such as; PS labels, Tag, high-tack adhesives, low melting point medias and various other specialty forms. A cost effective, continuous form, production laser printer, suited for markets and applications such as; Monthly Statements, Banking, Distribution, Grocery, Manufacturing and Apparel industries.

Automated Powered Stacker is included with Printer, no extra charge!

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Specifications F166 VS

Technology: Xenon Flash Fusion technology offers the ability to successfully fuse your print, on a variety of media types
Print Head LED Array Print head; 300 x 300 or 600 x 600 dots per inch, print resolution, OPC Image Drum
Print Speed (Variable, adjustable): 06 or 166 pages per minute (2-up Letter, 17” wide x […]