“The speed and duty cycle of a mid-range, production laser printer and Flash Fusion for versatility of print on various media; at a cost that is a fraction of the competition!”

The SOLID F90HD offers a rare combination of Technology, resulting in a truly versatile, mid-range production, wide-format, continuous-form, laser printer. All of this technology, at a fraction of the cost of any competitive product!

The 17” print width allows for full 2-up Letter output, for fast and efficient production print. The switchable 300×300 or 600×600 dpi print resolution, produces perfect barcode production and also nice greyscale output, as well.

The Flash Fusing technology of the F90HD offers quality fusing of the printed image, on a very wide variety of media, due to much lower fusing temperature versus the standard Heat/Pressure fusing of many other laser printer products. In addition to these listed technologies, the F90HD also includes a superior, automated powered media Stacker, AT NO CHARGE, which is not only a savings of thousands of DOLLAR$, but also reduces on-site Service costs!

A great solution in batch, mid-range production, print applications such as; PS labels, Tag, high-tack adhesives and various other specialty forms.

A cost effective, production laser printer, suited for markets and applications such as; Monthly Statements, Banking, Distribution, Grocery, Manufacturing and Apparel industries.

SOLID F90HD Detail Sheet



Tear-off edge for separating of printed form sets

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Specifications F90HD

Technology LED Array Print Head, OPC Image Drum, Xenon Flash Fuser with Transport Table Print Speed 90 pages / minute (2-up Letter, 11” long) 8.33 inches / second 3000 lines / minute @ 6 lines / inch Resolution in DPI 300 dpi Maximum 600 dpi x 600 dpi (dots / inch)  Duty Cycle (monthly) 800,000 […]