The MICROPLEX F36C Continuous Form F36COLOR is a versatile, easy-to-use continuous form laser printer.

Finally a full Color, continuous form, laser printer that allows you to produce very effective, full Color laser printed output, in-house, giving you the control and versatility that you have been waiting for, is now available from MICROPLEX!
The F36C printer offers: Full Color, small-batch, PS Label or Invoice printed production, when you need it. An “on-demand” Economical Solution for full Color print runs. Capable of handling continuous-form or cut-sheet media with one Printer!


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Specifications MICROPLEX F36C

Technology Electrophotography (LED Array), OPC Drum and Heat/Pressure Fuser Print Speed COLOR: up to 35 pages/minute (Letter, landscape, 8.5″ form length), up to 27 pages/minute (Letter, 11″ form length) MONOCHROME: up to 39 pages/minute (Letter landscape), up to 30 pages/minute (Letter), Up to 4.98 ips (inches/second) Resolution in DPI Maximum 1200 dpi x 600 dpi […]