MICROPLEX’s LOGIJET T6-2 is the only multi-mode thermal label LaserJet compatible printer that prints full speed directly from Microsoft Windows®, SAP/R3®, Oracle®, JD Edwards®, Peoplesoft®, Unix® and other applications without additional software. Intelligent barcode generation within the LOGIJET T6-2 controller, RIPS (Raster Image Processing) printable barcodes, including generating start/stop commands, and the associated check sum thereby minimizing data traffic on your network.

LOGIJET T6 Direct thermal printing permits the use of heat activated thermal papers and films but requires no ribbon. Print color is limited to black. Direct thermal printing labels is normally for items stored away from heat, sunlight, and the label shelf life is less than 1 year. Your primary benefit is an overall lower cost since a ribbon is not required.

So which multi-mode do you really need?
Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer printing?

If you answer yes to any of these questions you need to use Thermal Transfer printing.

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