New A Twin Engine Two-Color Thermal Transfer Printer

May 1st, 2014

MICROPLEX is excited to announce a twin engine, two-color, Thermal Transfer Printer, for use in GHS Drum Label print production applications.

Bedford, Ohio – May 1st, 2014: MICROPLEX announces the launch of the LOGIJET TC8, an industrial grade, twin engine, two-color, 8 ” wide, SAP and Windows compatible, Thermal Transfer Printer, developed to produce GHS compliant Chemical Drum Labels.
“The TC8 is a product that is representative of the Total Solution approach that MICROPLEX has taken, to provide the Chemical and Petroleum Industries the ability to produce fully compliant, two-color, GHS Drum Labels” states Mark Merhab, VP of Sales, for MICROPLEX-USA. “MICROPLEX has partnered with Industry Leaders, to provide a GHS compliant solution, which consists of; the LOGIJET TC8 Thermal Transfer Printer, matched with qualified Pressure Sensitive Label Stock and Red & Black Thermal Transfer Ribbons, all supported by annual on-site maintenance, resulting in a Total Solution that meets all new GHS and BS5609 standards.

The TC8 Thermal Transfer printer incorporates technology designs that offer; straight-through paper path, easy-to-access TT Ribbons, individually controlled Print Head temperature, precise two-color image registration, optimized color Pictograms, SAP and Windows compatibility and the highly reputable, versatile Microplex Print Controller (MPC) ” continues Mr. Merhab.

Mark Merhab, Vice President of Sales

Solid F60

f60_specThe speed and duty cycle of a mid-range, production laser. Flash Fusion for versatility of print on various media, at a cost that is a fraction of the competition! The F60 Laser printer features Flash Fusion technology for all of your versatile media print needs. Also with a small footprint, to fit nicely into your production room environment.

A great solution in batch production applications such as label, tag, high-tack adhesives and various specialties form environments.

A cost effective, production laser printer suited for markets such as Grocery, Manufacturing, Distribution and Apparel industries.

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Solid F60 Specs PDF In Operation Video
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Solid F44

F44_1 The SOLID F44 is a versatile, easy-to-use, continuous form, Monochrome, laser printer. The F44 printer offers a small footprint and provides the user with versatile and reliable media management capabilities, by utilizing the pin-fed tractor assembly and the (iPS), intelligent Paper Stacker.

Handling media widths of up to12 inches wide, the F44 is perfectly suited for decentralized, networkbased environments, supporting industries such as banking, mailing, insurance, fulfillment services, health services, distribution, logistics and continuous Well log output!.

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F44 Details Sheet   Video

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