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Our Customer's are Priority #1! From an end user in the Bio-Med industry 1-8-2009

Hi Theresa,

Thanks for gathering this info. No need to worry about getting it delivered today, as I’m about to leave for the day. Hopefully it will be here first thing tomorrow. I appreciate all you guys have done for us in the past couple of days. I’ve been very impressed with the customer service/support from Microplex. Just shoot me an email and let me know what you guys find out.

(IT Manager)

Response from a MICROPLEX, Regional Distributor

Dear Scott (and Microplex Staff)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, for your efforts in getting my IPF32 (InfoPlexF32) order shipped in time to meet our Customer's demanding schedule.

Although MICROPLEX has great products, they have even greater employees! This will be one main reason for MICROPLEX's continued success, even through these difficult economic times! Please also convey my thanks to the MICROPLEX Technical group as well.

Again, thank you,

MICROPLEX Regional Distributor

Response from a MICROPLEX, Regional Distributor

Hello Mark,

We finally closed the deal with the aircraft manufacturer, for their first SOLID F24. I wanted to thank your Team, as they went to bat for them 100% and then some. The MICROPLEX  support folks are a great group of people to work with.

We are looking at another F24 from them, hopefully in January.  They were very please with everyone's help that they received

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Linda, Sales Associate
MicroPlex Regional Distributor

Regional Hospital, Bursting postcards and HCFA forms

Regional Hospital, Bursting postcards and HCFA forms;
Microplex Distributor, regarding Hefter Burster installed at regional hospital...

Dear Microplex,

Frank loves his new Hefter Burster! Their old burster is still sitting in the isle outside their burster room and is becoming an eyesore. He said he now is able to put the HCFA forms into the burster each morning, turn it on and can actually leave the room to do other things. The fact that he can now have unattended forms bursting is actually increasing his productivity!

Frank amazed that the Hefter Burster and Pedestal were in the same shipping container. Considering it was our first burster installation, it was a very quick assembly for us. I know for a fact the next Hefter install we do will take us less than half the time.

Frank returned after his meeting and was amazed at how compact the unit was and especially how quiet it was compared to their old machine. With their old burster, the operators had to come into the burster room, close the door and would have to put earplugs in before starting their job. The earplugs are gone and the door doesn't have to be closed with the Hefter Burster.

They have had it for nearly two months and I have not had one call from Frank regarding the unit. In my earlier years I use to do a lot of bursting and wish we could have had a unit as reliable as the Hefter M3010!

We will keep you posted of their production and thank you for this solution!

Mike - MicroPlex Distributor

Large, National Communications Corporation expectations exceeded

Large, National Communications, Corporation

Dear Dorothy (MicroPlex Distributor),

Thank you for the status update regarding the MicroPlex F80, located at our Texas Service Center. I realize how much work MicroPlex put into resolving this issue for us and it adds to our confidence in using the MicroPlex printers for our application. MicroPlex has exceeded my expectations and leaves me with no doubt that the F80 is right printer for the job.

Duane - IT Corporate Operations Manager

Federal Government Agency, printing US Treasury checks

Federal Goverment
Dear MicroPlex Distributor,

Regarding our newly installed F80 laser printers, we are very satisfied with the performance of this product. Our User's are comfortable with his printer and feel it is very easy to operate. They printed one of our larger monthly check runs yesterday. They were extremely happy to have printed over 7000 checks in about 45 minutes. It took our old continuous laser printer about 2 hours to complete a job of this same size. The quality of print is also a vast improvement with the F80's versus our older product.

We will keep you posted of our production and thank you for this solution!

Frank - IS Manager

Telecom billing quality and quiet too!

Dear Mark/Theresa,

Excellent news!

Our monthly billing is next week. Will advise how we progress. We are very impressed with the quietness of the SOLID F24 lasers, compared to our old printers and the automated stacking system making an additional bonus point! On behalf of our management team, I'd like to thank you all for your prompt responses and helpful assistance.

Best regards,
Tearki IS Manager

Mailing industry
Dear MicroPlex Distributor,

Great, so far everything with the F24 is working out great! It prints about 3 times faster than our Genicom printers ever did, using our presort software. Production for that type of address label, that we use, has really increase in speed. It also looks like our toner will last us a little longer than normal, due to the fact that we are printing such a narrow track of image. Thanks, we appreciate your business!

Chris - List Analyst

MicroPlex Distributor input:
Subject RE: Service call status

Gene (MICROPLEX Technical Support):

You are amazing! I want to thank you for always responding as quickly as you do. Our customer service is the thing that sets us apart from the 60,000 other companies that do what we do and your quick attention to our customers, enables us to maintain that quality. Of all the vendors and all the technical people I deal with you take 1st place on response time and professionalism and I just wanted to say - - -

THANKS! Robin - Office Manager

"Our customers are not only increasing their productivity and lowering their operating costs, they also are .... HAPPY!

Mailing industry:
Dear MicroPlex Distributor,

As you know, my company purchase the SOLID F80 (8 months ago) to produce 4-up Cheshire address and PS address labels. With the tighter specifications of the new USPS MERLIN System, we wanted to ensure compliance of all of our mailings and avoid any postage penalties. The F80 has performed just as we had hoped and has produced consistent, reliable, output for our address label production. Our operating costs have actually been lower than advertised for the F80 and it has become an integral part of our operation. MICROPLEX personnel and you have been thorough, responsive and very professional throughout this project and during our working relationship. Continued thanks!

Dave - President

Freight Distribution Industry:
Dear MicroPlex Distributor,

As a follow-up, I would like to express the sheer joy I experienced working with your company's F24 printer. Once the configuration difficulties (new User learning curve) were addressed, I was shocked at how easy it was to get the printer to print our bar codes! As a programmer, I especially appreciated the detailed diagramming of the escape sequences, indicating what the individual commands meant (a very nice touch) kudos to the person that developed it.....

I found the machine a delight to work with!

Bill - Customer Relations Rep

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