Economical V5000 Burster - Decollator

The V5000 is ideally suited for lower volume bursting and decollating multi-part forms in one operation.  Form length can be set electronically or manually and our self-sharpening margin trimmers ensure clean trims every time.

Both fast and quiet, this burster - decollator combination is ideal for invoices and shipping documents.

The V5000 can process up to 2,700 - 11" forms per hour.  Bursted pages can be separated into a maximum of 5 different stacks.  Sensitive automatic paper jam control prevents run-away form damage.  the V5000 is both cost effective and efficient and great for any office application.

V5000 Specs PDF   In Operation Video


V5000 Features

  • Margin trimming + bursting + decollating + stacking in a single process
  • Fast, quiet processing up to 2,700 11" forms per hour
  • Self-sharpening margin trimmers
  • Tractor infeed for accurate trimming
  • Quick stop button with restart from memory
  • Paper tray and waste basket
  • Castor mounted for easy location

Advanced Features

  • Automatic sorting of multipart forms into individual stacks
  • Decollator stacker handles 1 - 4 stacks
Product Specifications V5000
Max. form width 14 7/8 inches
Min. form length 4 inches
Max. form length 12 inches
Max. form set 5 part
Max. paper weight 80 lb
Margin trimming range 1/3 - 1 inch
Stacking 1 - 4 stacks
Electronic length settings sizes 0,4,5.5,6,8.5,11,12 inch
Quick stop button yes
Automatic Jam Control yes
Clear jam button yes
Variable speed max 2700/hour
Voltage 115V/60Hz
Power 345VA
Noise Level 67 db(A)
Dimensions LWH 41x24x41 inches
Weight 110 lb
Additional Options
On-line printer connection yes
Margin waste chopper yes
Additional forms length 3 more lengths
Center slitter yes
Further options on request yes
Phone:  877-997-6543  Fax: 440-374-2422
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